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What really drives the immigration debate? It’s people, not politics.

Join us for the “Only in America with Ali Noorani” podcast to hear how Americans from all walks of life and from across the political spectrum are experiencing changes in their communities as a result of immigration.

Faith leaders, law enforcement officials, business owners and others speak openly about the way culture, identity and values are shaping and defining our country, and they offer a constructive way forward in the immigration debate.

Dec 19, 2018


PhD candidate, jazz pianist, entrepreneur, Dreamer activist, TedX speaker: DACA recipient Saba Nafees’ resume is chock full of accomplishments for a graduate student at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. This week, Ali chats with Saba about her contribution to the Grammy-nominated jazz ensemble album,...

Dec 12, 2018


This week, how Julissa Arce arrived from Mexico at 11 years old and rose to become a Vice President of Goldman Sachs. The best-selling author of "My (underground) American Dream," she tells Ali about her journey, and her leading role in the campaign for immigration rights. Her second book, "Someone Like Me," was...

Dec 5, 2018

Happy Birthday to Only in America - we're one-year old this week! 

In today's episode, under Dr. Michael Crow's leadership, Arizona State University has become one of the leading academic research institutions in the world. In his conversation with Ali, he talks about the importance of inclusion, the lack of empathy in...

Nov 28, 2018


This week, Ali's conversation with two U.S. Senators on the cutting edge of the immigration debate - Republican James Lankford of Oklahoma, and Democrat Michael Bennet from Colorado. On November 15, they were honored with the "Courage to Lead Award" at our annual convening in Washington D.C., for their work...

Nov 21, 2018

In our 2018 Thanksgiving Special, Ali travels from Indiana, to Idaho, to the southern border, with three guests with different experiences of "welcoming the stranger". 

Rafed Alsaad helped the US forces in Iraq, and had to flee his homeland to be welcomed in South Bend, Indiana. 

Priscilla Salant, a Professor Emeritus...